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Thank you for your interest in my web site, having spent so many happy years of my life working in a Children’s Centre, alongside teams of passionate, motivated  and loyal staff, I'm  finally  doing what I've encouraged our families to do. I'm  finding ways to create my own pathways. I've have come this far because I have had the privilege to support families in partnership with  some very experienced and talented professionals and  I'm  grateful to the Teachers, Midwives, Health Professionals, SENcos, Speech & Language specialists, Police and Housing professionals that I've have worked alongside and learnt so much from. 


I love working with families, especially those who are hitting a bit of a blip and might just need a little guidance, let's be honest here, you don't get to my age without experiencing knocks yourself and I've had great support from some lovely people in the past, so it's nice to be able to bounce some of that support back into the community.I am lucky to have built very strong relationships with families over the years and the fact that many of them keep in touch long after their crisis is over is testimony of the support I've offered and the care I've taken not to judge, we are all individuals with different ways of living and it's important to recognise that if something works - it works. I believe very strongly that respect and trust has to be earned so when it comes our way together we will embrace the opportunity to explore the “what next”.


I  like to work innovatively, I like a challenge and I love seeing people enjoy themselves, you could say I'm a risk takers and if  I'm really honest, planning comes second to getting on with the job, but somehow that works in my favour, I started my journey to work freelance just as COVID hit, which completely skewed the action plan, but I'm here and still as motivated as ever to meet you all.


I love seeing people succeed, in whatever way will make them happy, that might mean helping them to see that it’s time for them to move on, or, alternatively, helping them to find a way to start enjoying what’s been under their nose all along.


I am happy to work with people in all kinds of scenarios, from 1:1 coaching, well being, play therapy, mentoring, low level counselling, working alongside families, or, working amongst your team to offer tutoring, coaching or mentoring.


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