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My  Promise  to our  Community, I will:

  • OFFER choices and be responsive to individual needs and preferences

  • FOCUS time & resources on services that I know from experience are needed in order that families will feel supported

  • PROMOTE independence to enable individuals to fulfill their potential

  • REMEMBER that some families are in a very vulnerable position and yet do not reach the criteria for a level 3 referral, therefore I will use Outcome Tools to explore what type of support would best to help the family flourish.

  • SUPPORT  the individual, whether this be the parent (perhaps as a result of low level financial difficulty, depression, addiction, abuse or relationship breakdown) or the child (perhaps due to breast feeding or weaning difficulties, development issues such as speech & language, sleeping or eating difficulties or simply finding a space in a childcare setting)

  • CONTINUE to network closely with other professionals and organisations within Tandridge to ensure families are adequately supported therefore the community engagement within the service will very strong resulting in increased take-up by under–represented and / or hard to reach groups

  • EFFECTIVELY safeguard people from abuse, neglect or poor treatment.

  • EMPOWER people to use and contribute their individual skills, knowledge, talents and assets within their community

  • ENCOURAGE families to think about their aspirations and what would help them to achieve their dreams.

  • ENSURE that families feel supported at a lower level, which would reduce the risk of a crisis escalating. I believe that this approach will save money on higher level interventions, and reduce the strain of stretching resources at level 3 intervention & above.

  • DEMONSTRATE with anonymity via case studies that support for families has encouraged them to become financially, socially and emotionally independent thus able to support themselves by being less reliant on state services

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